If you have arrived in Cremona or if you are planning to come on business or on holidays,  Infopoint is what you need. These are the services that we can offer:


Tourist Information

At infopoint you can find all the information that you need to visit the town and its territory. We can help you to organize a tailor-made visit based on your plans and interests. Here, in fact, you can find:

  • maps of the town in 6 languages with the list of the monuments and museums to be visited, the "not-to-be missed" corners, a brief descptions of the town's history and some curiosities;
  • information about restaurants, hotels, sights and itineraries.


Super benefits

Besides the fundamental information to  make your long or short stay unforgettable, at the Infopoint you can buy additional services that are very cheap and extremely advantageous. Please find hereafter a list of them:


  • tickets for the town's museums;
  • tickets for shows and events uploaded on Vivaticket platform;
  • the tourist card of Cremona, Welcome card. The card allows you to have reduced tickets for the museums and the monuments and to have discounts in several restaurants and hotels in the town. A free guided tour of the city centre is included;
  • The cards Abbonamento Musei Lombardia and GardaMusei: tourist cards that can offer a series of discounts on different tourist proposals out of the town;
  • Guided individual tours and guided tours for groups: skilled and certified guides will accompany you to discover the town and its secrets;
  • Guided bike-tours: if you love the nature and you appreciate a slow travelling rythm, we can sell you guided tours organized by tourist guides and cycle-tourist guides to discover some wonderful parts of the Po Valley in its slow and magnificent flow; 
  • Renting: if you do not have a bike, you can rent it here!
  • Visits to the violin-making workshops: you can buy the entrance to a violin-making workshop. A violin-maker will explain you how to make a string instrument and will show you his/her workshop, a place where it feels like time has stopped still; you will see the different kinds of wood, the tools, the colours and the sweet-scented varnishes that have  been used for more than 300 years to make string instruments according to the method of the great masters like Amati, Guarneri and Stradivari;
  • Sailing on the Po river (individual and groups): please come and ask for information about the sailing service on the Po river, from April to October. Buy your tour on the river or your short cruise;
  • Organization of events, conferences, educational tours for operators. We can help you to reserve a room and to organize some extra activities adequate to your target.
  • Luggage-room. For the last things to do without the weight of the luggage: you can leave your luggage at the Infopoint and enjoy the last hours in Cremona.
  • Souvenirs and "handicrafts", because you can not go back home without a souvenir from Cremona.



The Infopoint is in the Cathedral Square, under the arcades, exactly opposite the tower Torrazzo.

Call us: + 39 0372.407081

E-mail us: info.turismo@comune.cremona.it