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from Cremona to Crema

From: Cremona
To: Crema
2h 30m
Uphill: 0m
Downhill: 0m

This cycling route, partially on some protected bike-lanes and partially on roads with very little traffic, follows the routes of the path “Music in the Wind”.

More precisely it includes the part from the river Adda to the delta of the Po river till Montodine (on the left bank) and from the river Serio (from its mouth in Adda to Montodine), till Crema.
From Cremona, following the Canale Navigabile, after Spinadesco, you can reach  Crotta d'Adda where there is Villa Stanga Trecco, one of the most beautiful examples of the Late Baroque Architecture of Cremona's countryside. It started to be built at the end of 16th Century on a project of the architect Pellegrino Pellegrini. During the 18th Century, Baldassarre Stanga enlarged and renewed the new palace which became the Summer house of his family till the beginning of the 20th Century, when Idelfonso Stanga transformed it in his usual house. In that period, some peculiar new architectonic structures were added to the building.
The villa had also a round pigsty which, at the beginning of the 20th Century, represented a real new technical innovation. If you need further information about Pizzighettone, please read the Route 3.
In Montodine, a small village on the river Serio, there is the SS. Trinità Church, with an elegant facade and a beautiful bell-tower and then, on the right bank of the river, it is worth a visit the Benvenuti Palace which dates back to the17th Century and which is the seat of the ethnographic museum. Just out of the village, towards Crema, there are two typical rural small altars: S. Rocco altar (octagonal plan) and S. Zenone altar.

Crema, the final part of the route, welcomes the visitor with its elegant historic centre. This little town, in general, has an interesting Medieval and Renaissance urban plan. Here you can find ancient stones, religious buildings, elegant houses and beautiful public palaces. Everything in Crema contains the memory of some past important events.  Among its streets you can find, still today, some ancient great buildings: the Cathedral in ‘Gothic-Lombard style’, The Town Hall (16th Century) and the Bell Tower Torrazzo, the ex-nunnery S. Agostino with the dining hall painted by Giovanni Pietro da Cemmo and the Santa Maria della Croce Sanctuary.
Moreover, the movie “Call me by your name” was shot in Crema and in its surrounding area. This route goes through Montodine (the square) and then reaches Moscazzano (villa Albergoni) in the Southern part of Crema. In the Northern area of Crema, following the Serio route, you can reach Ricengo (the small lake) and Farinate di Capralba (Quarantina fountain). You can arrive to Pandino (with the memorial and the Visconti Castle) following the variant 1c of the route 1.

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