Visiting the Theatre A. Ponchielli

Come to discover the magic of the theatre!

The parterre, the royal box, the stage and the artists’ dressing rooms can be visited in an exciting tour through the world of music and theater.

It is possible to organize a visit for a group or for individuals, always respecting the program of the  theater's activities  (shows and rehearsals).

Please call and make a reservation:
tel. + 39 0372 022010 - + 39 0372 022011 -
Cost: € 3,00 pe person

The current building which hosts the Theatre Amilcare Ponchielli is the result of a series of construction, reconstruction and restoration interventions which have lasted for more than 250 years.
However, the Theater lived two important moments connected to its foundation and then its restoration: the first one dates back to the 18th Century and the second to the year 1808.
The story started in 1747 when a group of noblemen decided to give the town a real theater, substituting all the rooms which were used before it.
It was decided to choose the architect Giovanni Battista Zaist, a famous architect from Cremona who was part of the important Bibiena Circle. Nazari Theatre, from the owner’s name, changed its name in "Theater of the Society" or “Theater of the Noble Association” ( in 1785, when it was bought by the boxes’ owners).
The first building was destroyed in 1806 by a fire, as it often used to happen with the wooden theatres in the 18th Century; however, it was immediately decided to rebuild it and it was chosen for this project the most famous theatre architect of that moment, Luigi Canonica, who was inspired by his master (the famous Piermarini) and who introduced some original elements.
It was built one of the best theaters of that age, with a horse-hoe room, four series of boxes and a gallery. It was called Teatro della Concordia, the name was then transformed at the beginning of our century in Amilcare Ponchielli Theater, from the name of the famous opera-writer from Cremona.
The Theatre was immediately improved, the stage was enlarged and it is nowadays one of the best in Italy. In 1824, a new fire destroyed partially the building which was immediately restored by Faustino Rodi and Luigi Voghera.
Bought by the Municipality in 1986, since 1989 the Ponchielli Theater has lived different restoration phases and it has been technologically updated.

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