A campaign about the town’s sounds: handicraft, nature and art

"Cremona is music" is not only a statement connected to the town’s violin-making tradition. In Cremona the music is everywhere, in the shops of the violin-makers, in the kitchens of the restaurants, in the streets, in “our” Po river.
Every place of this little and precious casket in the middle of the Po Valley is connected to the idea of music.
“Cremona is music” is a project wanted by Cremona Municipality which was born in the framework of the actions of tourist promotion which aim at increasing the effects of the campaign  #inLombardiaComeMe of Lombardy Region, through which the different provinces in Lombardy were invited to participate and enhance from the cultural and tourist point of view its territory. Cremona Municipality decided to use the claim of the regional campaign “I would like you to hear it as I do. Every day.” highlighting Cremona’s cultural and traditional sounds.
The campaign starts with a performance of the violin-player Lena Yokoyama in the Ponchielli Theatre, a moment connected the other two performances made during the lock-down in 2020. Then, Lena Yokoyama and the director of the Violin’s Museum Virginia Villa (testimonials of the campaign), explain their artistic and professional path and all the details of their career which led them to become a symbol of the cultural life of Cremona.
After the three videos which open the campaign, other five teaser videos will focus on Cremona’s sounds.
The oar of a boat on the Po river, the sautéed vegetables in the pan, the cutting of Cremona’s nougat, the gauge of the violin-maker who is creating a new art-work.
Everything in Cremona is music. Come and discover it!


Ph. credits_inLombardia