I would like you to hear it as I do. Every day.

In the framework of the tourist promotion's actions which aim at enhancing the effects of the campaign #inLombardiaComeMe (wanted by Lombardy Region), Cremona represents itself from an unusual and priviledged point of view, speaking about the beauty of its territory through the pictures, the voices and, especially, the sounds and the words of the protagoinsts who can catch the extraordinary elements of the ordinary life, sharing them with those who want to discover Cremona's secrets.

"I would like you to hear it as I do. Every day.”, this is the desire of  Virginia Villa, the director of the Violin's Museum and the main testimonial of this project of tourist promotion, who invites the readers to come to Cremona to live this new experience in an intense and deep way.  Together with Virginia, the campaign involves also the violinist Lena Yokoyama, famous all over the world for her artistic skills. She has become very famous after her performance on the tower Torrazzo and on the roof of Cremona's hospital during the first lock-down.

In the framework of this project, Cremona presents itself through a series of videos which wants to explain the relationship Cremona-Music (from which derives the project's title “Cremona is music”) including in a wide an inclusive way all the sounds which characterize this province in Lombardy.

But Cremona is not only the violins' land. Cremona is food, nature, “normal life” far from the chaos of the big cities. All these values have their own music, their specific sound that makes them recognizable and unique. As a consequence, the project will develop through other videos which will have, as their main focus, “experiencing” the town of Cremona through the sounds which characterize it. The users delve into the sounds of the nougat's production and of the meat's boiling, of the boats on the Po river and of the Torrazzo's bells. And then,  the sound of the wood treated in the violin-making workshops. All these sounds will join the wonderful melody of Cremona's violins.

Take me here: I would like you to hear it as I do. Every day.